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Meet Black Girls

Meet Black Girls

black dating

How To Date and Meet Black Girls

Would you rather date a white girl than a black chick? This questions may sound anti-racial but hey, I’ve seen enough not to ignore this question.

Fellas, can I all give you a question? During my university days I’ve meet black girls and guys kicked it and most of the time the girls end up to like the guy and all of a sudden he will just call it quits. Sad scene is these black guys easily hang on to white chicks. What’s with white chicks that these guys go head-over-heels with? Why a black girl is easily passed over for a white gal?

Well because these guys think that meet black girls are just too strong-willed for them, not easy to handle. I can’t remember where exactly I read these but it just left a mark on me and never had forgotten them.

If you want a queen, be with a black girl,.
If you want a dumb ass who hangs on my every word, get a white girl,.
If I want a challenge, go for an African girl.
A chick to do what you say, when you say, then it’s a white girl.
(With all due respect to both parties, I’ve got nothing against anyone.).

Now if you wanted to meet black girl you must be real toughie then, strong-willed guys for equally strong– willed women. Historically, ebony women had lots of struggles, husbands being beaten to death right at their very eyes, been separated from their children and became slaves all their lives not until there was this so called BLACK LIBERATION. No wonder black women had evolved to strong and determined beings. Want to make a black girl smile? Simply appreciate her but be watchful on what you say. There are some things you should never say to a black girl.

Regardless of the color, girls are just too hard to please. So there, good luck on your next or first date with a black girl.


black dating
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